Welcome to DriveSafe School of Motoring in North Wales.


Driving Lessons in Anglesey, and the Bangor area.

Our motto is "better quality, less quantity", our aim is to get you above test standard as safely, quickly, and cost effectively as possible. Our cost per lesson reflects the quality of tuition from a Grade 6 instructor that you will recieve. Only 6% of qualified driving instructors are at a level of grade 6 (grade 6 being the top level).

Many of our learners come to us having wasted a lot of time and money on "cheap lessons", that ultimately end up being the most expensive lessons money can buy. This is due to the fact that whilst you may feel you are getting a "good deal", in some cases the tuition is designed to be extended over a longer period.

With DriveSafe, you can be assured, our goal is only to get you driving safe, as soon as you are ready.


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